What’s Coming Up This Semester: Spring 2019

Mental Health, Culture, & Communication

Hey readers! I can’t believe how fast winter break has flown by! I start classes again on Monday, and while I have enjoyed this time off, I am definitely ready to go back to OT school. I find myself getting bored when I don’t have any school-work to do (which is one reason why I started this blog over break!) This semester’s focus is on mental health, and my fieldwork will be mental health based. I’m not sure where I will be doing fieldwork yet, but I am very excited to find out!

The books that I will be reading this semester

These are the classes that I am taking this semester:

  • OT in Mental Health with Lab
  • Occupation, Community, & Culture
  • Communication, Collaboration, & Therapeutic Modes
  • Research Process 1
  • Professional Reasoning 2
  • IMPACT 2
  • Level I Fieldwork 2

I have finally received all of my textbooks in the mail, and have even already started reading them. We have readings due on the first day of class, and it is a goal of mine to do all of the readings prior to class this semester. I was pretty good about doing the readings last semester, but around busy times sometimes they got away from me.

One thing that I am most excited about this semester is the mental health class and fieldwork that will correspond with it. I don’t know much about how OTs work in mental health yet, so I am really intrigued to learn more! I imagine that I will observe lots of groups, mindfulness, art/music therapy, and more in a mental health setting. If you have any experience with OT in mental health, comment below! I’d love to hear more about it!

How I Organize My Agenda

Here is a little peak at how I organized my agenda for this upcoming semester! I find it so helpful to go through all of my syllabi before the semester begins and put all of the readings, assignments, and important dates in my agenda. I even separated each day into things that are “Due Today” and things “To Do.” This is a great way to organize yourself and hold yourself accountable for all of those readings!

Example of one week’s assignments and “to do’s”
I am always the girl my group members ask when they need to know what is due and what readings we have that day!

As you might be able to tell from my agenda, we don’t have class every day. That is one thing that I love about my program. As a commuter, it makes life SO much easier knowing that I don’t need to commute into Boston every day of the week! It also gives students some time to have a part-time job and to keep up with readings and assignments. This semester I have Tuesdays and Fridays off. I just have to keep in mind that my fieldwork placement will be scheduled during those times, but only for a total of 24 hours throughout the entire semester. Level I fieldwork is very manageable and still allows plenty of time to study and have a job!

Thanks for reading! Be sure to like this post and comment down below if you have any experience in mental health as an OT or an OT student!

2 thoughts on “What’s Coming Up This Semester: Spring 2019

  1. The longer I work in OT, the more I realize that those mental health courses are helpful in literally every single patient population. You’re going to learn a ton and eventually find that you will use it all. Best of luck with the upcoming semester!!

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