The Travel Diaries: Sedona, Arizona

Hey readers! I am SO excited to start a brand new series on my blog, The Travel Diaries. In this series, I will talk about my favorite leisure activity: travel! As we have talked about before, leisure is one of the eight areas of occupation that occupational therapists intervene in. It is important for all individuals to explore and have the opportunity to participate in a variety of leisure activities of their choosing. Some of my favorite leisure activities are traveling, getting together with my girlfriends, exercising (shout out Pure Barre) and reading. I hope to use the leisure category of my blog to talk about these activities in the form of The Travel Diaries series, book reviews and more! What are your favorite leisure activities? Comment below! Now, let’s talk about Sedona!

I just got back from spring break in Sedona, Arizona and I am feeling much more relaxed and ready to tackle the rest of this semester. My boyfriend, Ryan, and I embarked on our first vacation together a week ago (eek!) and it seriously could not have been better. We stayed at the Hyatt Residence Club in Pinon Pointe, AZ. The hotel was absolutely beautiful and was nestled in the red rock mountains. The weather was nice for most of our trip, with two days that had some off-and-on rain showers. The temperature was in the mid 40’s-50’s, which was surprising to us. We assumed that Arizona was always 100 degrees and sunny…boy were we wrong! Regardless, it was sunny most of the time that we were there and the crisp spring air felt really nice on our hikes. Here are some of the things that we did while we were there:

Hikes in Sedona

I’m not going to lie…I am not a big hiking gal. I chickened out on not one but TWO hikes we went on…but hey I like the views! Some of the hikes we went on were Bell Rock Climb, Courthouse Butte, and the Airport Mesa and Vortex.

The Airport Mesa Vortex
Bell Rock Climb
Courthouse Butte Hike
Merry-Go-Round Rock
View from Bell Rock

Pink Jeep Tour

This was one of the really cool things that we did on this trip! We rode this jeep up the canyon on the side of cliffs and on very rocky terrain. It was bumpy and we caught some air a few times! It was totally worth it for the view and experience as a whole.

Pink Jeep Tour of the Scenic Canyon Rim
Our tour guide had so many fun ideas for photo-ops…Here I am driving away without Ryan!
Another one of our tour guide’s photo suggestions!
View from the top of the canyon

The Grand Canyon

We took a day trip to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, which was about 2 hours from where we were staying in Sedona. We spent the day walking around and enjoying the view. The Grand Canyon is truly magical. It just goes on and on and we were in complete awe the entire time. We also tried to hike down to Ooh Aah point, but I chickened out about 200 feet down and made Ryan turn around…sorry Ryan!!

South Rim of the Grand Canyon
At the Grand Canyon
One of my favorite photos that I took of the canyon

Antelope Canyon

Of all of the hikes and tours we went on, this was probably my favorite. I saw a sign advertising tours of Antelope Canyon in the airport when we flew into Phoenix, and I had my heart set on going there from that moment on. We looked into it and found out that you can only go into the canyon with a tour group because it is part of the Navajo reservation, and they book up to months in advance. But, we were really lucky and were able to find a tour with room for two people on our last day in Arizona! It was about a 3 hour drive from Sedona, but in my opinion it was worth it (disclaimer: I wasn’t the one driving, but I did try to entertain Ryan with the alphabet game and by listening to the complete soundtrack from Hamilton!). If you ever have the opportunity to go to Antelope Canyon, I can’t recommend it more. It was absolutely beautiful, and my pictures truly don’t do it justice (but they are pretty good!). Here are a few of my favorites:

Me in Antelope Canyon
Me in Antelope Canyon
The inside of Antelope Canyon
The light and stones form a heart in the canyon
“The Eye of the Dragon”
Sand illusion
The entrance to the canyon…can you believe all of that beauty is inside here?!

The Art of Wine

This may have been one of the things we loved most on our trip. The Art of Wine is a wine tasting room that is located right on the Hyatt’s property at Pinon Pointe. We loved it so much that we joined their Wine Club! My favorite wine that I tried there was Summer Rain from Su Vino Winery in Arizona, and Ryan loved a few different meads that he tried.

Enjoying a glass of wine after a hike!
Wine tasting!


You may see this start to be a pattern that I post about either on social media or my blog as it gets warmer, because Ryan and I love playing tennis together! And when I say playing tennis, I really mean rallying back and forth as many times as we can (our personal best is 20 shots, and I would like to point out that HE is the one who ended that rally. I win!). Jokes aside, Ryan is a really good tennis player and I am just a beginner and not all that athletic or coordinated. (LOL) Regardless, Ryan is a really good sport and we love to play together when the weather is nice.

I clearly have very good form! LOL

Acai Bowls

There is an AMAZING acai bowl restaurant in Sedona called Berry Divine. We literally got acai bowls there 4 out of the 7 days that we were in Sedona. They were THAT good. If you are ever in the area, this place is a must.

The Vortex Bowl (I also tried the Summit Bowl, and the Awaken Bowl was my favorite!)

I am so grateful for the opportunity that Ryan and I had to travel together to this beautiful place. I hope you enjoyed me sharing my experience with you! And if you just got back from spring break as well, regardless of whether it was a vacation or a stay-cation, I hope that you had a safe, restful, and fun time! Thanks for reading!

Our view on our ride back to Sedona after a road trip to Page

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