Inclusion: A Post for Best Buddies

Hey readers! Last week I was given the opportunity to write a short blog post for Best Buddies with the chance that they might post it on their blog or website. I was really proud of what I came up with, so I thought I would share it here with all of you. Their prompt asked writers to describe what “inclusion” means to them and how they will spread the word inclusion this month (because this month is Best Buddies month, and they are promoting the word inclusion this month!).

Me at Best Buddies Friendship Walk

Here is my blog post for Best Buddies

To me, inclusion means that everyone has a chance. A chance to be a friend, a chance to participate with others, a chance to be themselves. Being inclusive means that we give every single person that chance, regardless of ability level. We do not turn our backs on our peers; instead we extend a hand. We ensure that every person has the opportunity to shine.

This month, I will spread the word of inclusion by sharing what Best Buddies means to me. To me, Best Buddies is a place for friendship and kindness, and above all for inclusion. Best Buddies allowed me to find my passion and the career that I want to pursue, occupational therapy. I hope that by sharing the word inclusion, others will be able to find their passion as well. I hope that sharing inclusion allows all individuals, regardless of ability, to make a new friends, earn medals at a sporting events, or find activities that they find joy in. I have talked more about how Best Buddies has changed my life in a blog post that I wrote titled “Why I Chose OT,” which you can find here. I hope that one day, everyone will be included. Let’s start together.

Short and sweet, thanks for reading!

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