OT Month: 2019

Hey readers! Happy OT Month! To all of my fellow occupational therapy students and practitioners, you rock! This is a whole month dedicated to the field of occupational therapy and all of the good that we do in the world. AOTA’s slogan is “Occupational Therapy: Living Life To Its Fullest,” so now is our chance to showcase how OTs truly do empower individuals to live meaningful, purposeful lives.

AOTA has a list of 10 things that you can do to celebrate OTs this month, here are a few of my favorites:

  • Post on social media – AOTA has OT month graphics that are free to use!
  • Inform your coworkers (and friends, family, and acquaintances) about OT – this where your elevator speech will come in handy!
  • Introduce yourself to local physicians and healthcare providers and provide them with quick fact sheets about OT and why they should refer to us!
  • Get involved in your community – for example, check out AOTA’s Backpack Education Event idea!

In honor of OT month, I am rolling out a new series on my blog: OT Features! Along with the usual weekly Journal Club Discussions and posts about my personal experiences, I will be including a post each week featuring a fellow OT or OT student. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate OT month than by celebrating a few of the amazing OTs and OT students in the field. Stay tuned, because the first one will go live tomorrow!


Also, check out this fun rap about OT by Reynaldo Ballesteros on youtube!

Thanks for reading!


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