The Travel Diaries: The Jersey Shore

Hey readers! Today I want to talk about one of my favorite places on earth: the Jersey Shore. I know what you’re all thinking…Snooki, partying, wild nights. False! The Jersey Shore is an underrated piece of heaven. My boyfriend, Ryan, grew up in New Jersey, and a few years ago his parents moved to the Jersey Shore. (I am omitting the actual town for privacy). Ryan and I try to go down to visit his parents as often as we can, especially in the summer. The town that they live in is so quaint and beautiful, located right on the ocean. Here are a few highlights from our last trip to visit them:

The Beach

Okay, I may be biased, but the beach in his parents’ town is my favorite beach ever. It is clean, usually not super packed, has bathrooms and a snack stand, and the sand isn’t rocky at all! The best part: we can ride our bikes there in 5 minutes. One night, Ryan’s cousin offered to go down to the beach around sunset to take pictures of us on his professional camera. I couldn’t turn down a free photo shoot! Here are a few of my favorite pictures that he took:

Bike Rides

I think my favorite part about going to NJ is being able to ride our bikes to the beach. It is so much fun to take a leisurely ride through the neighborhood and look at all of the beachfront houses. We can ride to the beach, to the tennis courts, and to get acai bowls. I can’t wait to have my own bike with a basket one day.

The Boardwalk

One fun thing that I like to do in NJ is take a stroll down the boardwalk. Lots of beach towns in NJ have boardwalks, and they often have great restaurants and carnival games that you can play. Ryan even won a stuffed animal for me last time we were there!


Ryan is trying to teach me how to play tennis, which he and his family have played pretty much their whole lives. I have to admit, I am not that good. But, it is really fun to try! (And eventually I’m bound to get better…right?)

Acai Bowls

Okay, everyone pay attention here. Playa Bowls is hands down the best acai you will ever have. There are a bunch of locations in NJ, and they even opened up a location in Boston a few months ago! I have tried the one in Boston, but I have to say that the ones in NJ are way better. There is something about the experience of riding our bikes there and eating our acai bowls on a picnic bench by the ocean that is so perfect.

It is seriously my dream to live in a little beach town like this one day! Until then, Ryan and I will keep visiting as much as possible. Where is your favorite place to go to the beach?

Thanks for reading!

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