What’s in my Backpack for OT School?

Hey readers! Today I want to share with you what I keep in my backpack for OT school. I like to be prepared, so I carry lots of *seemingly unnecessary* things with me at all times. But I swear, it all comes in handy! I am always the girl who has spare pens and Bandaids. Check out the corresponding Instagram TV video to this post! Here is a list of what I keep in my backpack for OT school:

My Backpack

I have a light pink Lululemon backpack. I tried to find the exact style online, but unfortunately it looks like they no longer carry it online. Check out their current styles here. I love this backpack because it fits everything I need for class and it’s my favorite color!

My Lululemon backpack

Class Necessities

  • Laptop
  • iPad – Not necessary for everyone. I like taking notes on my iPad, but some people use their laptop or a paper notebook.
  • Agenda
  • Pencil pouch filled with pens, pencils, & highlighters
  • Electronics chargers
  • ID Badge
  • Water, snacks & lunch


  • Chapstick
  • Hand lotion
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Mints
  • Air Pods
  • Mini hair brush – When I take the ferry and/or walk to school, this comes in handy!
  • Bandaids – You never know when you or a classmate will need one!
  • Medications – For headaches/stomach aches, prescription medications if needed
  • Tampons – Don’t all girls have these on them at all times?!
  • Umbrella – Is anyone else AWFUL at checking the weather? I just always have this with me now because I have been caught in too many rain storms with no umbrella…

Thanks for reading!

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