OT Conference Series: What to Bring to the Conference

Hey readers! Now that you know where to stay, where to eat, what to do, how to get there, and how to navigate the conference app, let’s chat about what you need to bring with you to the AOTA Conference. I will be sharing a full packing list for traveling to Boston in March a week before the conference, so today is just about what to bring with you inside the conference doors. Try to pack lightly. You will likely be carrying everything in a purse or tote bag, so you don’t want it to be too heavy. You especially don’t want to carry too much if you have to walk a short distance to get to the conference from your hotel or Airbnb. Below is a list of what I recommend bringing.

What to Bring to the Conference

The Essentials

  • Purse, tote bag, or brief case – to carry all of your essentials
  • Notebook and/or folder – for handouts and to take notes
  • Pens – to take notes and participate in workshop activities
  • Business cards, if you have them – connect with potential employers, peers, and mentors
  • Cell phone – to keep track of your conference schedule using the app
  • Name tag – you will get this when you first arrive and sign-in to the conference
  • Wallet, keys, ID – always an essential
  • If you are presenting – any presentation materials you may need
  • Snacks – there is food available for purchase, but bringing a snack is a good idea
  • Empty water bottle – I am hopeful that the conference center will have a water filling station (no plastic bottles, please!)


  • Headphones – for your walk/commute
  • Portable charger – in case your phone dies
  • Travel sized toiletries – deodorant, perfume, chap stick, tampons, Bandaids, hairbrush… you never know when you might need these
  • Medications – either needed by prescription or over the counter (e.g. headache medication)
  • Hat & gloves – it’s March in New England, don’t forget these!
  • Other – any other things you may need, such as essential oils to reduce stress or something to fidget with to keep your hands busy

Did I miss anything? Comment below! Thanks for reading.


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