100 Things I Love About OT

Hey readers! I almost didn’t even realize, but this post is my 100th blog post! I thought it would be fun to make a “100” themed post for this special occasion. So, here are 100 things that I love about OT!

  1. It is MEANINGFUL.
  2. We can work with literally anyone.
  3. We can PLAY all day.
  4. It has connected me to an amazing community of fellow OTs/OT students.
  5. There are opportunities for growth.
  6. We can be a business owner.
  7. We can work with anyone from babies to older adults.
  8. We can be creative.
  9. We can work on a team.
  10. We focus on what matters to the client.
  11. It involves lifelong learning.
  12. We can be researchers.
  13. We can present at conferences.
  14. We can travel.
  15. Schedules can be flexible.
  16. We can work in schools.
  17. We can work in hospitals.
  18. We can work in the community.
  19. It is empowering.
  20. It is motivating.
  21. We are cheerleaders.
  22. We can be advocates.
  23. Our schedules can adapt to work for a family.
  24. It is evidence-based.
  25. We can change lives.
  26. We can be the reason why someone’s life is worth living.
  27. We can work with highly complex medical cases.
  28. It is FUN!
  29. We can earn certifications for advanced skills.
  30. Hand therapists can create custom orthoses.
  31. OT school is hard but rewarding.
  32. We can be educators for clients.
  33. We can be educators for students.
  34. We can be educators for fellow OTs.
  35. We can be educators for the greater community.
  36. We can be educators for your colleagues.
  37. We can work on interprofessional teams.
  38. We can advocate for the role of OT.
  39. We each have an “elevator pitch”.
  40. This community is the BEST.
  41. OTs support fellow OTs.
  42. OT blogs & Instagrams are so fun to follow.
  43. We can get free resources online.
  44. We can learn from fellow OTs online.
  45. We can connect through AOTA forums.
  46. We can attend AOTA conferences.
  47. We can meet amazing friends through this community.
  48. It reminds me to practice my own meaningful occupations.
  49. Occupations can be ANYTHING the client finds purpose in.
  50. It made me find new hobbies.
  51. There are amazing OT podcasts.
  52. We are hands-on.
  53. We don’t have to sit at a desk all day.
  54. We can wear scrubs to work.
  55. We can wear socks and no shoes to work.
  56. We can work with caregivers.
  57. We can work with entire families.
  58. Social support is key.
  59. We can share benefits of mindfulness and being present.
  60. We can help reduce life’s stressors.
  61. We can help to improve quality of life.
  62. It is purposeful.
  63. We can help create habits and routines.
  64. We can be a support system for clients.
  65. We can support health and wellness.
  66. We can recommend home exercise plans.
  67. It can lead to better mental health outcomes.
  68. The client can be in charge.
  69. We work together with the client.
  70. The client can help to set their own goals.
  71. Setting their own goals motivates participation in therapy.
  72. Communication skills are so important.
  73. We can promote healthy lifestyles.
  74. We can make a DIFFERENCE.
  75. We can promote harm reduction.
  76. We are problem solvers.
  77. It requires critical thinking.
  78. We can specialize in areas that interest us.
  79. We can see positive results of therapy in our clients.
  80. OT is an important step in the healing process.
  81. We can address things that other providers don’t think about.
  82. We emphasize learning by DOING.
  83. We can address sex and intimacy.
  84. We can have tough conversations.
  85. We can empower teachers in school systems.
  86. We can create interventions for entire schools.
  87. We can work with groups of clients.
  88. We can work one-on-one with clients.
  89. We have clinical skills.
  90. We have freedom to create our own interventions.
  91. We document our findings with evidence.
  92. We are helpers.
  93. OT is unique.
  94. OT is not the same as PT.
  95. We work together with PT and SLP.
  96. We can work with animals.
  97. We are there for our clients.
  98. We know when to speak up for our clients.
  99. We encourage occupational balance.
  100. It will allow me to do what I love every day.

Thanks for reading! I would love to hear why YOU love OT. Comment below!


2 thoughts on “100 Things I Love About OT

  1. Hi Allison,
    My name is Bish and I’m an OT from Brisbane, Qld currently working with Vision Australia. I Absolutely love this list and feel your authenticity shine thru these words. I hope you enjoy your fieldwork and your journey goes from strength to strength! Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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