My Last Didactic Semester

Hey readers! I can’t believe that I am officially done with OT school classes. I just wrapped up my last didactic semester, took my last final, and handed in all of my projects and papers. Next up: FIELDWORK. I am so excited to finally get into the field and put what I have learned into practice. I know I will learn so much during fieldwork. I’m excited to start to find who I am as an (almost) OT practitioner!

Reflecting on the last two years of OT school, the word that comes up for me is: grateful. I feel so grateful for all of the classes that I’ve taken, the professors who have put so much effort and care into teaching us, and the opportunity to even be in OT school. I can’t wait for this last year of fieldwork and my advanced doctoral experience!

On our last day of classes, one of my friends said to me “can you believe that we have literally learned everything we need to learn in OT school, minus fieldwork?!” I hadn’t thought about it like that before, but once I did I felt so proud.

This semester I took: Participation & Productive Aging, Cognition Perception & Occupation, Research Process 3, Fieldwork Seminar, Level I Fieldwork 5, Interprofessional Ethics, and an elective called School-Based Practice in OT.

Here are a few of my favorite memories from the last two years of OT school:

AOTA Hill Day

Pinning Ceremony

AOTA Conference in NOLA

Splinting Lab

School-Based Pediatrics Client Sessions

Blog post coming soon!

Sensory Integration Clinic Field Trip

Best Buddies Walk

Student Occupational Therapy Association

Mental Health Lab

See more mental health group ideas here

Anatomy Lab

Check out my tips for anatomy here

Level I Fieldwork

Thanks for reading! I can’t wait for what’s to come!


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