How I Prepared for Level II Fieldwork

Hey readers! It’s been a while since I’ve posted, and I’ve been hard at work studying for the start of level II fieldwork. I’ve also been spending lots of time reading, relaxing by the pool or at the beach, and in general relaxing, refreshing, and refilling my “cup” to prepare for fieldwork. I start next week, and I am currently feeling a mix of nerves, excitement, anticipation, and eagerness to get started.

To prepare for level II fieldwork, I created a study binder and a deck of flashcards. (Thanks to my friend Caroline B. from @carolineb_ot on Instagram for the study binder idea! Check out her page for more tips and study materials for OT students.) To create my binder, I asked each of my level II fieldwork instructors if there was anything that I should study, review, or read about prior to starting fieldwork. This included anything from common conditions/diagnoses, assessments, interventions, etc. My first level II fieldwork placement is at an outpatient pediatric clinic, and I will be providing telehealth services to begin. Hopefully, I will be in the clinic later this summer. My second level II fieldwork placement is at a school. Based on this information and the feedback from my clinical instructors (CIs), here is a list of what I included in my study binder:

  • Pediatric conditions including characteristics/symptoms, etiology, occupational limitations, and intervention focus
  • Pediatric assessments that my CIs use frequently including the purpose, age range, and general type of assessment
  • Documentation and goal writing resources
  • Billing & Coding information from AOTA
  • Specific school-based information including information about the IEP, laws and regulations, the evaluation process, and tier 1, 2, and 3 interventions
  • Classroom strategies to try with students to facilitate success in classroom occupations
  • Information and interventions for sensory processing disorders/sensory strategies
  • Pediatric range of motion guidelines
  • Images of common gasp patterns
  • How to calculate pediatric chronologic and adjusted ages
  • Information on pediatric reflexes
  • Information on specific programs suggested by my CIs including DIRFloortime®, ABA, NDT, the Zones of Regulation™, Social Thinking®, Social Stories™, and Learning Without Tears™
  • Flash cards for pediatric development including motor, social, play, and cognitive development

All information was obtained via notes from classes I have taken during OT school or from the creator of the program’s website.

Who else is starting level II fieldwork soon? How did you prepare for it? Be sure to share if you create a study binder of your own. You can find me on Instagram. Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “How I Prepared for Level II Fieldwork

  1. hi are you able to make photocopies and share your notes on the binder? i am starting fieldwork soon and would love to get as much resource as possible.


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