OT Goals & Aspirations

Happy blogmas day 9! Today I want to share a few of my OT goals and aspirations. These have changed a bit throughout OT school, and I’m sure they will continue to change throughout my career. There are lots of things that I’m interested in in the world of OT, and I am still finding my “patch” as my friend Allie from Patches of OT calls it. Here are some areas that I am passionate about and/or things that I hope to accomplish one day as an OT:

  1. Become a Pediatric OT – I have loved the level II fieldwork experiences that I had this summer/fall and pediatrics feels like the right place to start my career. I don’t know if I’ll stay here forever, but I will definitely be applying to jobs in pediatrics this spring!
  2. Work with Adults with IDD – Up until level II fieldwork, I worked as a Life Skills Coach for young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and I LOVED IT. If there is a way for me to work full-time as an OT with adults with IDD working on vocational skills, iADLs, community participation, etc., I would be so happy. Maybe I will end up back with this population one day!
  3. Disseminate my ADE Research – It is a professional goal of mine to publish the research that I will be conducting this spring for my Advanced Doctoral Experience (ADE), and to present my research at AOTA Conference. We’ll see what happens in 2021, but I definitely want to present at AOTA some day!
  4. Grow my Blog into a Business – I love that this blog is a creative outlet for me and that it helps out current and future OTs/OT students. I hope that one day I will be able to grow this blog into a business rather than a hobby.
  5. Write a Book – Fun fact: before I decided that I wanted to be an OT, I used to want to be an author or a publisher. If you’ve read my reading list blog posts, you know that I am a BIG reader. I would love to write a children’s book/series one day, and maybe even a novel. I would love to share my love and joy for reading with others.
  6. Work for Myself – This is something that has changed a bit during level II fieldwork, and I’m not sure if it’s a goal of mine anymore. I used to want to own my own OT clinic one day, but now I’m not sure if all of the paperwork and dealing with insurance is for me. But, never say never! I’m still totally open to it and will wait and see where my career takes me.
  7. Advocate for OT – I had an incredible experience at AOTA Hill Day in Washington D.C. last year, and I am currently thinking of and proposing ways in which I can get involved with advocacy during my ADE. I would love to continue being involved in advocacy either through my state organization (MAOT), AOTA, or AOTPAC eventually as a professional OT.
  8. Teach – Honestly, this wasn’t something I ever considered until very recently. But, I can actually see myself teaching OT one day, possibly as a lab instructor or an adjunct faculty member. My motto for this post is “never say never!”
  9. Volunteer with Best Buddies – This is where it all started for me. Best Buddies is what made me want to become an OT, and I would love to give back to the organization in some way through volunteering. I wrote about why it is important to me in a blog post.
  10. Support Practitioners in Finding Occupational Balance – Ever since I first learned about occupational balance during my first semester of OT school, the importance of it really stuck with me. I think that it is easy to get wrapped up in all of our responsibilities and lose track of what’s really important to us. As OTs, I believe that we should practice what we preach and engage in occupational balance ourselves. I wrote more about this on blogmas day 5, and I hope that one day I can support other practitioners in finding what is meaningful to them.

What are your OT goals and aspirations? This is just a list of musings about where I think the world of OT can take me in my career. Who knows where my “patch” will be! I feel really lucky to be part of a diverse and unique profession that allows me to explore different interests. I can’t wait to see where I end up.

If you missed any previous blogmas posts, you can check them out here.

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