Fieldwork is over! Now what?

Happy blogmas day 11! In case you missed it, yesterday I posted the final installment of the Level II Fieldwork Diaries. How wild is that?! I can’t believe I am officially done with level II fieldwork. Today, I am sharing a little about what comes next for me on the road to my OTD.

Advanced Doctoral Experience

This spring, I will be completing the research component of my OTD program, called the Advanced Doctoral Experience (ADE). According to my program’s curriculum, “this doctoral experiential component is an in-depth experience in one or more of the following student-selected areas: clinical practice, research, leadership, program and policy development, advocacy, education, and theory development.”

Together with my ADE mentor, I have created an Individualized Learning Plan to fulfill the ADE requirements. We have been working towards this research experience for a few semesters, including performing a literature review and creating a research proposal to be approved by my site’s IRB. My IRB was officially approved and I am currently participating in the onboarding procedures for my site. Exciting! Here are a few things that I will be working on or participating in this spring:

  • Performing a research project including facilitating Focus Groups, analyzing data, and writing a manuscript for potential publication
  • Preparing a presentation of my research to be presented at my program’s Scholarship Day
  • Participating in pediatric clinical occupational therapy services through my site under the supervision of my mentor (diagnoses of neurodevelopmental disorders)
  • Participating in advocacy through MAOT with a faculty member in my program

This experience will be unique due to COVID-19, as I will be working remotely for the majority of the experience. I may have some opportunities to go into the clinic to see clients on my mentor’s caseload, but as of now her services are remote.

I am so excited for the ADE to begin!


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