Occupationally Balanced: Play an Instrument

Hey readers and happy first *real* installment of the Occupationally Balanced series on my blog! In case you missed the introduction post, in this series we will embark on a journey to maintaining occupational balance together. These posts are meant to help you explore new leisure occupations, reflect on how you were (or weren’t) able to maintain occupational balance over the past month, and be part of a community of occupationally balanced OTs. This month, I challenge you to this leisure occupation: Play an Instrument.

Monthly Reflection

Over the past month, I have done a pretty good job of maintaining occupational balance. The data analysis part of my ADE has been ramping up, and I am about to start writing my research manuscript. Despite this increase in my workload, I have still signed off by 6pm each night and have not done any schoolwork on the weekends.

One area that I have felt a little off-balance is in my part-time job on the weekends. It’s necessary right now to have a part-time job, but by the end of the weekend I sometimes feel like the weekend hasn’t even started yet. Do any other OT students relate to this?! Luckily, I only work every Saturday morning and every other Sunday morning, so I have been able to participate in leisure and social participation occupations in addition to working. One way that I am protecting my occupational balance while working a weekend job is by limiting my hours to every other Sunday. By doing this, I am trying not to overwork myself and to ensure that I can spend at least some hours each weekend doing things that I want to do rather than need to do.

How have you protected your occupational balance this month?

Leisure Occupation

This month’s leisure occupation is playing an instrument. I recently realized that it’s been a few months since I’ve played the flute or piano, so I am using this blog series to motivate myself to play more. I played the flute and piccolo throughout middle and high school, which made me fall in love with music. I own my own open-hole flute, but I don’t own a piccolo (maybe one day… but I think my neighbors would complain about the noise! ha ha). I also own an electric keyboard in the hopes that I would re-learn how to play the piano (it has been over 10 years since I have taken piano lessons). I haven’t played either my flute or keyboard in a few months, and I really want to get back into it again. My goal this month is to play each instrument at least once, but hopefully more.

Your turn! I challenge you to pick up an instrument that you haven’t played in a while, or even try your hand at a new instrument. Snap a photo and tag me on Instagram with the hashtag #occupationallybalanced.


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