Podcastin’ with Sarah Putt & Allie Watkins

Hey readers! I did something really cool recently… I was on the OT 4 Lyfe podcast with host, Sarah Putt, MA, OTR/L, and fellow OT student/guest, Allie Watkins, OT/s! Becoming Insta-friends with Sarah from OT 4 Lyfe and eventually being asked to be a guest on her podcast was such an honor for me. OT 4 Lyfe was actually one of the first OT podcasts that I ever listened to and one that I still enjoy to this day! Not going to lie… I “fan-girled” a bit when I was asked. Sarah and I met briefly at AOTA Conference in New Orleans in 2019, and I am really hopeful that we will meet again in person one day! Sarah is truly an incredible person, podcast host, OT, and role model. Be sure to give her podcast a listen! This episode went live on Monday, 3/15 and you can listen here.

I was also honored to have been asked to be on this podcast with my good friend, Allie from Patches of OT! Allie and I are both 3rd-year OTD students and each have an OT blog and Instagram. We have become good friends on social media over the past few years, and we were so excited to finally meet in person at AOTA Conference in Boston in 2020. That obviously didn’t happen, but I am still really looking forward to meeting her in person one day soon. Be sure to check out her blog and podcast, as well!

The Podcast Episode

Episode 104: Level II Fieldwork During a Pandemic

This podcast episode dives into Allie’s and my experiences in level II fieldwork during a pandemic. Allie and I had very difference experiences, but each of our fieldwork experiences changed course in some way due to the pandemic. Sarah asked great questions to get us to reflect on our experiences and share what it was like and what we learned. Check out the podcast episode anywhere where you listen to podcasts!

Of course, I have to give a shout-out to some of my favorite podcast episodes from OT 4 Lyfe. Check these out!

Episode 102: Shifting the Mindset from Clinician to CEO

Episode 87: Recognizing the Importance of Self-Care for OT Practitioners with Nancy

Episode 79: Working in Early Intervention as a New Grad with Amirra Johnson

Episode 62: Trauma-Sensitive Care for Healthcare Providers with Taelor Millsap

Episode 54: Diverse OT: Leadership and Advocacy for Minorities in Healthcare with Michelle DeJesus

Future Level II Fieldwork students: Also be sure to check out Sarah’s mini-series with lots of episodes breaking down the level II fieldwork journey with actual students as her guests! These were super helpful for me prior to fieldwork and helped to calm some nerves.

Happy listening!

(The views expressed on this podcast episode are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of the MGH Institute of Health Professions.)

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