Occupational Balance Challenge

Happy OT Month! This month is all about celebrating OT. You may be doing that by attending AOTA Inspire virtual conference, participating on Shannen Coley’s “ABC’s of OT” on Instagram, or personally reaching out to the amazing OTs in your life who deserve a little round of applause for the work they do on a daily basis. One way that you can celebrate yourself as an OT this month is by participating in my 30 Days of Occupational Balance Challenge. Here’s what it’s all about:

  • Learn how to set boundaries
  • Try new leisure activities
  • Find ways to work leisure into your daily routine
  • Set yourself up for success to maintain occupational balance even after the challenge is over

You can find all of the info for this 30-day challenge on my Instagram: Allison The OT Student! This challenge is completely free and open to everyone. If you want to participate, comment on the Instagram post each week to share how you are working towards achieving occupational balance and making changes in your life to make it sustainable. Share a photo related to the challenge and use the hashtag #30daysofoccupationalbalance!

Let’s all get occupationally balanced together.


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