Occupational Therapy in Schools

Hey readers! This semester I took an elective called School-Based Practice in Occupational Therapy. I have a level 2 fieldwork placement at a school this fall, and in general I wanted to learn more about pediatrics. Since approximately 20% of occupational therapists work in schools, I thought this would be a very valuable course to … Continue reading Occupational Therapy in Schools

Reminiscing About AOTA Conference in NOLA

Hey readers! This should have been AOTA Conference week in Boston, so I have been reminiscing about last year's conference in New Orleans. If you want to check out my blog post summarizing the sessions I attended last year at AOTA Conference, check it out here. I went super in-depth and tried to share as … Continue reading Reminiscing About AOTA Conference in NOLA

How I Prepared for my Level II Fieldwork Interview

Hey readers! Last week I had an interview for one of my level II fieldwork placements. Prior to the interview, prepared some questions to ask the site coordinator and completed any documents that they needed from me. This interview also served as a "meet and greet" to make sure that I am a good fit … Continue reading How I Prepared for my Level II Fieldwork Interview

Person-First Language

Hey readers, happy blogmas day 9! Today I want to talk about person-first language. In OT school, we learned about how communication is really important between us and our clients. Speaking person-first means using language that conveys that you are speaking to a person, not a diagnosis. The point is that a person's disability or … Continue reading Person-First Language