OT Student Necessities

Happy blogmas day 3! Today I am sharing the things that truly got me through OT school. Some are school supples or items you can buy, and others are frames of mind and are not tangible. Each of these things were so helpful during OT school, either for logistical reasons, convenience, or mental health. Let … Continue reading OT Student Necessities

Holiday Reading Guide

Happy blogmas day 2! Today I am sharing the ultimate holiday reading guide. I will admit that this list is Christmas-heavy since that's what I celebrate, so please comment your favorite books that celebrate different holidays below. I could only find children's books when I searched for more diverse holiday books online! These books are … Continue reading Holiday Reading Guide

Occupational Therapy in Schools

Hey readers! This semester I took an elective called School-Based Practice in Occupational Therapy. I have a level 2 fieldwork placement at a school this fall, and in general I wanted to learn more about pediatrics. Since approximately 20% of occupational therapists work in schools, I thought this would be a very valuable course to … Continue reading Occupational Therapy in Schools

OT’s Role in Gun Violence Prevention in Schools

Hey readers! Today I am talking about something that needs more attention in the OT world: gun violence prevention. (*This topic may be difficult to read or discuss for some. Please feel free to exit this page if you need to.) Occupational therapists have an important role in school settings, where we work with children … Continue reading OT’s Role in Gun Violence Prevention in Schools

The Power of Occupation

Hey readers, happy blogmas day 11! Today I want to talk about the power of occupation. At the heart of occupational therapy is occupation. Occupations are essentially any activity that you need or want to do in your life. This can be anything from performing job-related tasks, getting dressed, cooking a meal for your family, … Continue reading The Power of Occupation

Using Social Stories to Prepare Your Kiddo for the Holidays

Hey readers, happy 10th day of blogmas! I can't believe we are almost done with the entire 12 days. With Christmas just around the corner and Hanukkah beginning last night, I thought I would share a great strategy to prepare your kiddo for the holidays. The holidays can be stressful for everyone, including children. Routines … Continue reading Using Social Stories to Prepare Your Kiddo for the Holidays

Person-First Language

Hey readers, happy blogmas day 9! Today I want to talk about person-first language. In OT school, we learned about how communication is really important between us and our clients. Speaking person-first means using language that conveys that you are speaking to a person, not a diagnosis. The point is that a person's disability or … Continue reading Person-First Language