How to Make the Most of Level I Fieldwork

Hey readers! It feels like so long since I last posted an OT advice post! I recently completed my third out of five level I fieldwork placements. Level I fieldworks are essentially an opportunity to observe OT in various settings. Level I students cannot provide or assist in therapy, however there are lots of ways … Continue reading How to Make the Most of Level I Fieldwork


Level 1 Fieldwork: Inpatient Rehabilitation

Hey readers! This week I had an incredible experience completing my third level 1 fieldwork placement. I was placed at an inpatient rehabilitation facility where I observed an occupational therapist for three days. Level 1 fieldwork is comprised of 24 hours of observation in various settings, so that's why I was only there for 3 … Continue reading Level 1 Fieldwork: Inpatient Rehabilitation

Level I Fieldwork: Inpatient Psychiatry

Hey readers! This semester I took my first occupational therapy practice class: OT in Mental Health. Since my practice class was in mental health, my fieldwork experience was as well. This semester, fieldwork was actually comprised of multiple experiences, which were: A simulation to experience what it might be like to hear voices, such as … Continue reading Level I Fieldwork: Inpatient Psychiatry

My First Level I Fieldwork: Sub-Acute Inpatient Hospital

Hey readers! Last semester I completed my first Level I fieldwork placement at a sub-acute hospital. It was a little daunting at first, but I soon felt comfortable with my supervisors and really enjoyed my time in the inpatient setting! That being said, while I learned a lot and appreciated my time there, I do … Continue reading My First Level I Fieldwork: Sub-Acute Inpatient Hospital