How Policy Impacts Healthcare

Hey readers! Last summer, I took a class where we learned about current policies and how they impact healthcare and OT. I learned a lot in that class, and I thought it would be beneficial for all of you if I shared some of what I learned. We talk a lot about advocacy in OT … Continue reading How Policy Impacts Healthcare

OT Feature: Emily Idemoto, OT/s

Hey readers! This week I am featuring Emily Idemoto, an OTD student and one of my classmates! She recently traveled to AOTA Conference and had a really cool experience where she was able to help present research that she has been assisting with. She also loves rock climbing and has great experience working with children … Continue reading OT Feature: Emily Idemoto, OT/s

How to Become an Occupational Therapist

Hey readers! Happy OT Month! We have a whole month dedicated to occupational therapy, and you've decided that you want to join this wonderful profession. But how do you get there?! What Program Do I Choose? The first thing to decide is what program to apply to. This definitely comes down to personal preference. There … Continue reading How to Become an Occupational Therapist

Interprofessional Practice

Hey readers! The MGH Institute of Health Professions strongly values interprofessional practice and because of that, I have participated in a handful of interprofessional activities already during OT school. Some of the activities I have participated in so far include team simulations and interprofessional clinician observations. What is interprofessional practice? Interprofessional practice in healthcare involves … Continue reading Interprofessional Practice

Journal Club Discussion #11: Sensory Processing, Behaviors, & Cognition in Preschoolers with Autism

Hey readers! Happy Sunday! It's time for another journal club discussion, and this week's topic is one that I am SO interested in. The title of this week's article is "Sensory Processing, Problem Behavior, Adaptive Behavior, and Cognition in Preschool Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders" by Shelley O'Donnell, Jean Deitz, Deborah Kartin, Theresa Nalty, and … Continue reading Journal Club Discussion #11: Sensory Processing, Behaviors, & Cognition in Preschoolers with Autism