Tips for Occupational Therapy Observation Hours

Hey readers! For those of you who are thinking about applying to OT school, observation hours are probably at the top of your list of things to do. It can be daunting to reach out to an occupational therapy practice or a major hospital as an undergraduate student looking for observation hours. However, many places … Continue reading Tips for Occupational Therapy Observation Hours


OT in Physical Dysfunction

Hey readers! I just took my last final and I am officially done with the summer semester. (Yay!) This semester has been a whirlwind. The summer semester is condensed into 12 weeks, with 2 of those weeks dedicated to splinting lab and fieldwork. The two classes that I took this semester were OT in Physical … Continue reading OT in Physical Dysfunction

Level 1 Fieldwork: Inpatient Rehabilitation

Hey readers! This week I had an incredible experience completing my third level 1 fieldwork placement. I was placed at an inpatient rehabilitation facility where I observed an occupational therapist for three days. Level 1 fieldwork is comprised of 24 hours of observation in various settings, so that's why I was only there for 3 … Continue reading Level 1 Fieldwork: Inpatient Rehabilitation

My First Level I Fieldwork: Sub-Acute Inpatient Hospital

Hey readers! Last semester I completed my first Level I fieldwork placement at a sub-acute hospital. It was a little daunting at first, but I soon felt comfortable with my supervisors and really enjoyed my time in the inpatient setting! That being said, while I learned a lot and appreciated my time there, I do … Continue reading My First Level I Fieldwork: Sub-Acute Inpatient Hospital