Occupational Balance Challenge

Happy OT Month! This month is all about celebrating OT. You may be doing that by attending AOTA Inspire virtual conference, participating on Shannen Coley's "ABC's of OT" on Instagram, or personally reaching out to the amazing OTs in your life who deserve a little round of applause for the work they do on a … Continue reading Occupational Balance Challenge


Podcastin’ with Sarah Putt & Allie Watkins

Hey readers! I did something really cool recently... I was on the OT 4 Lyfe podcast with host, Sarah Putt, MA, OTR/L, and fellow OT student/guest, Allie Watkins, OT/s! Becoming Insta-friends with Sarah from OT 4 Lyfe and eventually being asked to be a guest on her podcast was such an honor for me. OT … Continue reading Podcastin’ with Sarah Putt & Allie Watkins

Occupationally Balanced: Play an Instrument

Hey readers and happy first *real* installment of the Occupationally Balanced series on my blog! In case you missed the introduction post, in this series we will embark on a journey to maintaining occupational balance together. These posts are meant to help you explore new leisure occupations, reflect on how you were (or weren't) able … Continue reading Occupationally Balanced: Play an Instrument

Children’s Book Review Vol. 2

Happy Monday! In honor of Black History Month, today I am sharing 4 children's books written by Black authors. I am no expert, and this is not an exhaustive list. I came across these books as I was perusing my library's children's books and I couldn't pick just one to feature today. During Black History … Continue reading Children’s Book Review Vol. 2

Occupationally Balanced: Introduction

Happy Monday! Today I am excited to announce a new series on my blog: Occupationally Balanced. Over the years, this blog has transformed from a resource for OT and pre-OT students to help them navigate OT school, to a diary following my own journey though OT school and fieldwork. Now, I feel like it's time … Continue reading Occupationally Balanced: Introduction