My Favorite OT School Classes

Happy blogmas day 6! Today I am sharing my favorite classes from OT school. I honestly loved almost all of the classes that I took during OT school. My professors were so knowledgeable and invested in our learning, and the content was interesting and engaging. Truly, I could not have chosen a better profession or program. Choosing my top 5 favorite classes was so hard! Here are my favorites, in no particular order:

  1. School-Based Practice in Occupational Therapy – OK, this one is actually my top favorite class from all of OT school. I loved the content in this class. I took this elective the semester after taking OT in Children and Youth because I had two pediatrics fieldwork placements coming up and I was interested in working in pediatrics one day. I feel like this course provided so much necessary and helpful information for students going into pediatric fieldwork placements, and it really expanded on what we learned in OT in Children and Youth. What I loved most about this class was the hands-on component. Every other week, we worked with a real child who was receiving services at the clinic to put what we learned into practice. It was such a great learning experience and by the time I finished this course I was so ready for fieldwork to begin!
  2. Foundations of Occupational Therapy Practice – This was one of the first two classes we took in OT school, and it really solidified that this is what I want to do as a career. I thought I knew what OT was before starting OT school, but of course I still had a lot to learn about what our role is in patient care. I loved learning exactly what OT is and how we can work with clients across the lifespan to improve their well-being and quality of life. It was empowering and it excited me for the remainder of the OTD curriculum!
  3. Splinting, Orthotics, and Prosthetics – I didn’t think this class would be for me, but it was so much fun. While it was challenging content-wise, I really loved fabricating custom orthotics during our lab. It allowed us to use our OT brains to be scientific (thinking about anatomy) while also being creative (fabricating an orthotic from scratch)!
  4. Communication, Collaboration, and Therapeutic Modes – I really enjoyed this course because it taught me how to communicate with clients sensitively, empathetically, and effectively. It also prepared us to handle difficult conversations and advocate for both our clients and ourselves as needed. One thing that I really liked about this class was the simulations. In one simulation, we had to have a “difficult discussion” with an actor as our “client.” It was a great learning experience and honestly prepared me to have some difficult conversations during fieldwork!
  5. Occupational Therapy in Mental Health – This was another class that I thought wouldn’t be my cup of tea that surprised me with a really fun lab component. I really enjoyed learning about mental health, as literally any client I ever work with as an OT could have mental health challenges. I also really enjoyed the lab for this class, as each person had the opportunity to lead a mental health group amongst our peers. Not only was it fun to come up with and lead a group, but participating in 5 other groups was a lot of fun and honestly quite helpful for my own mental health! Participating in all of the fun activities that my peers organized was really nice during a busy semester.

Honorable mentions because it was so hard to pick a top 5:

  • Occupational therapy in Physical Dysfunction
  • Interprofessional Health Promotion: Community and Industry
  • Occupational Therapy in Children and Youth
  • Occupation, Community, and Culture
  • Participation and Productive Aging

OTs and OT students, what was your favorite class in OT school? Each of these experiences prepared me so well for level II fieldwork, and I can’t wait to begin my doctoral project this spring. Check back in tomorrow for another post, and be sure to check out the blogmas tab for more recent posts!

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