Children’s Book Review Vol. 2

Happy Monday! In honor of Black History Month, today I am sharing 4 children's books written by Black authors. I am no expert, and this is not an exhaustive list. I came across these books as I was perusing my library's children's books and I couldn't pick just one to feature today. During Black History … Continue reading Children’s Book Review Vol. 2

Occupationally Balanced: Introduction

Happy Monday! Today I am excited to announce a new series on my blog: Occupationally Balanced. Over the years, this blog has transformed from a resource for OT and pre-OT students to help them navigate OT school, to a diary following my own journey though OT school and fieldwork. Now, I feel like it's time … Continue reading Occupationally Balanced: Introduction

Level II Fieldwork Diaries: School-Based Pediatrics Week 12

Happy blogmas day 10! Today I am sharing the final installment of the Level II Fieldwork Diaries. I can't believe I am officially DONE with level II fieldwork! I just completed my 12th week at a public school system, and I am so grateful for the experience. I learned so much, and I was able … Continue reading Level II Fieldwork Diaries: School-Based Pediatrics Week 12