Top 9 Blog Posts of 2019

Hello readers and goodbye 2019! I can’t believe I have had this blog for a whole year. I am so grateful for every single one of my readers and members of the OT Instagram community. Here is a roundup of my most popular posts of 2019 here on the blog. Enjoy!

  1. What to Expect Your First Year of OT School & Tips to Succeed ~ This was my top blog post of 2019. Check this one out for tips on courses, studying, friendships, moving, commuting, clubs, part-time jobs, time management, stress, and maintaining occupational balance.
  2. Tips for Incoming OTD Students ~ This post is specific to students entering the OTD program at MGH Institute of Health Professions. However, some of the info may be helpful no matter where you go to OT school.
  3. Areas of Occupation ~ For my non-OT friends out there, check this out to learn about all of the areas of your life that an OT can help you with!
  4. What is Occupational Therapy Anyway? ~ Also for my non-OT friends, this post offers an explanation of what OT is. OT is often misunderstood, but we play a really important role in patient care. I may even write an updated version of this post, since my own understanding of OT has expanded so much since the time that I wrote it.
  5. Why I Chose OT ~ This post explains why I chose to go into occupational therapy. It gives you some insight into my personality and what led me to OT, including Best Buddies and my college experience.
  6. Anatomy Survival Guide: 10 Tips to Ace Anatomy ~ If you are taking an anatomy course in the near future, definitely check this post out. I offer 10 tips to succeed, including specific tips for the cadaver lab.
  7. OTD vs MSOT: Which Should You Choose? ~ This is a personal decision, but I tried to offer some guidance in this post. I provided arguments for both the OTD and for the MSOT, then explained why I chose the OTD. I hope this helps!
  8. How to Become an Occupational Therapist ~ This post provides steps, including the timeline, prerequisites, deciding what schools to apply to, and eventually making the big decision. If you are thinking about applying to OT school, this post may be helpful.
  9. What I Studied in Undergrad ~ This post discusses my undergraduate degree (Exercise Science) and how it impacted my OT school experience. I am so happy that I studied Exercise Science before going to OT school! I loved my major and my undergraduate university.

Thanks for reading! Which post was your favorite this year?

Me on my last day of Anatomy Lab
My college graduation
Time management strategies
Me at the Best Buddies Friendship Walk

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