Experiencing Burnout as an OT Student

Hey readers! Today I want to talk about burnout. A lot of people throw around the term "burnout", so I first want to clarify what it truly means. Burnout is a feeling of mental, emotional, and physical fatigue, often caused by continued stress over a long period of time. Healthcare providers are especially prone to … Continue reading Experiencing Burnout as an OT Student


OT in Physical Dysfunction

Hey readers! I just took my last final and I am officially done with the summer semester. (Yay!) This semester has been a whirlwind. The summer semester is condensed into 12 weeks, with 2 of those weeks dedicated to splinting lab and fieldwork. The two classes that I took this semester were OT in Physical … Continue reading OT in Physical Dysfunction

Level 1 Fieldwork: Inpatient Rehabilitation

Hey readers! This week I had an incredible experience completing my third level 1 fieldwork placement. I was placed at an inpatient rehabilitation facility where I observed an occupational therapist for three days. Level 1 fieldwork is comprised of 24 hours of observation in various settings, so that's why I was only there for 3 … Continue reading Level 1 Fieldwork: Inpatient Rehabilitation